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What kind of lessons do you teach?

I get asked “what kind of lessons do you teach? “ on a regular basis, which makes perfect sense since I teach lessons. But I never feel like I can give a full answer, as is when I post these posts Facebook tells me I should not because people don’t like to read long things.

I teach how to understand, feel and ask your horse to be balanced, to be straight to the line of travel not falling in or out. To lift the forehand by reaching further with the hind legs so the hind end can support the forehand. To bend by asking the horse to curve their whole body not just the neck.

Also how to ride at your horses natural gait tempo, how to know what it is and why your horse wants to be at that speed. Not to fast not to slow and later on a longer step or shorter step as the pair develops that ability.

From that point the horse finds they can trust you, they won’t be thrown off balance either with tight turns or being chased faster or held back when asked for whatever gait. That allows the horse to relax to enjoy the work which in turn they become more fun to work with.

Then comes asking the horse to become a better athlete, to gain flexibility, strength and understanding of how best to use their bodies.

From that point we can do anything we’ll jump a course, run barrels, trail ride, navigate a cones course, play polocross whatever those basics apply to every horse sport you. Has anyone ever thought “I wish my horse was less balanced, more tense and less athletic” see my point?

I answer the question “I teach ridden and driven dressage” a lot of people respond with “oh We don’t do that” and I always want to say are you sure?

It’s not about the breed of horse, the tack, the riders show ambitions it’s simply about developing the horse and rider to the best they can be.a

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